How Minimizing Email Churn Can Fix Your Deliverability

How Minimizing Email Churn Can Fix Your Deliverability

Churn is the enemy of effective marketing, dissolving email deliverability and ultimately making it more challenging to connect with customers. Bounce rates can be heavily impactful on deliverability, putting stains on your delivery IP. On average marketers lose around 30% of their email database to attrition annually, or around 2.5% per month in the retail industry. A recent mailchimp study found that even non-responding subscribers are more likely to purchase more often. Customers become familiar with the brand, they understand your products, your culture and your messaging, which makes your sales process much simpler.

How to minimize email list churn?

Build Your Own Lists

Email lists are an asset and must be protected. Purchasing lists can ruin campaign deliverability, they often include many undeliverable emails or inactive addresses.

Transparent Opt-ins

Subscribers should be added voluntarily, ask your customers for consent and ensure they understand what they are signing up for. This will help you to avoid unsubscribes down the line.

Contact Subscribers ASAP

Once your subscribers are added to your list, reach out to them straight away. Your customers will want to know what the list is for and what your business is about, a simple welcome email can help.

Track Interaction

If your messages are not getting opened, or clicked this is a clear warning sign. Either your subscribers are not interested, or the contact information you have is not valid. Monitor bounce rate & opens closely.

Use Email Change of Address

You can reconnect with inactive subscribers and those with incorrect contact information, all while improving campaign deliverability and protecting your I.P.

How Email Change Of Address Can Help

Email change of address is an efficient and effective way to grow your list without spending a lot. It can be around 50% cheaper than acquiring new email addresses. The added benefit is reconnecting with list subscribers you have lost due to attrition. Cleaning the list, will usually lead to increased ROI and improved campaign interaction. These subscribers likely already have a proficient understanding of your business, products and services, making them far more receptive to your messaging. Keeping existing customers happy is also critical for any business, leaving those that have joined membership, loyalty or subscription programs in the dark can often lead to alienation, disappointment or disengagement with the brand.

As an example, a leading pet supply retailer leveraged ECOA service to refresh their email list, they were able to gain a 25% increase in sales by reconnecting with these members. They discovered that 40% of the email records were unreachable, many users had since deleted, or changed their email addresses, incorrectly entered their email address, or stopped activity.

Effectively making these customers unreachable, resulting in very high bounce rates in email campaigns. Stemming deliverability in other campaigns and causing inbox placement to suffer. (Got a lot of emails going to junk/other, this is probably why). Using the ECOA tool this company was able to update 30,000 customers, cleaning inactive, bounced and invalid emails. Resulting in, improved total deliverability, and increasing the ability of the company to reach interested customers that have been left in the dark.

Teamwork partner, FreshAddress, takes a unique approach to refreshing the email list; prioritizing list hygiene and accurate data sets. Identifying potential matches, requesting permission and eventually replacing the email in the database. New matches then go through a final hygiene process, deliverability check and active status.

Are you interested in taking a look at an email acquisition process that’s at least 50% cheaper than your current spend and drives higher ROI? Email:

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ArmorActive and TeamWork Retail Launch iPad Point-of-Sale Systems in Jay-Z’s Rocawear Retail Stores

ArmorActive and TeamWork Retail Launch iPad Point-of-Sale Systems in Jay-Z’s Rocawear Retail Stores

One of the hottest U.S. apparel brands, Rocawear, founded by iconic rap artist Jay-Z, has rolled out its own retail chain. For their cutting edge store operations, Rocawear chose Teamwork Retail’s iPad-based POS solution to install in all U.S. locations, starting last fall with their flagship store in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

The security demands of the project were crucial, and for this, Teamwork and Rocawear chose ArmorActive, the world’s largest iPad security solutions provider. The ArmorActive enclosures and stands protect the iPad POS systems as they receive a punishing barrage of customer sales activity seven days a week.

In 1999, the hugely successful rap star Jay-Z used his Rocafella Records company as the launch pad for urban lifestyle Rocawear designs. His attention to detail, from clothing styles to store presentation, has been instrumental in making it one of the top brands in its field.

Part of this attention to detail included picking Teamwork and ArmorActive to run a totally mobile, totally protected state-of-the-art sales counter.

Teamwork Retail is the cloud-based retail management solution headquartered near Tampa, Florida. It is the first retail application for midsize retailers to provide totally mobile offerings. Teamwork partners with ArmorActive of Salt Lake City to provide secure, stable iPad point-of-sale units for specialty retailers.

ArmorActive enclosures are pre-equipped with credit card readers and iPad mounting solutions. After a successful trial period in one store, the secure Teamwork iPad POS units were installed in all remaining Rocawear stores.

All Rocawear retail store iPad POS units share data continuously with Teamwork HQ software in the cloud, which is accessed online from the store’s main offices, or any location with web access. Thus, all stores and HQ interchange data seamlessly and continuously so that sales and inventory information is current across the chain at any time.

In addition, the Teamwork cloud platform allows for easy and fast implementation without requiring on-site technicians. It provides the ability to manage many hundreds of stores at one time with completely secure data backup and replication. As the world’s first totally mobile midrange retail solution, Teamwork iPad solutions include not only POS, but shopper display with signature capture, stock count, retail analytics, employee time card, shipping and receiving and many other mobile functions on iPad tablets.

To fully secure the iPad POS systems, ArmorActive provided enclosures from their sleek and stylish Strata line, with built in MagTek iDynamo credit card swipe capabilities. The Strata MagTek iDynamo POS enclosures also provide full security for the iPad itself. The Strata enclosures used in the Rocawear stores were mounted on stands from ArmorActive’s Gravity line, allowing for a quick release of the iPad in case it is needed to help customers check out rapidly in backed-up lines. It also provides the ability to flip the iPad back and forth from teller to customer for information verification and customer signatures. Each POS system can also double as an attractive kiosk to be used for video displays, online shopping and more, within the store.

Frank Day from ArmorActive said, “We are proud to have provided the hardware security for the Rocawear project, and Teamwork Retail couldn’t have been easier to work with when it comes to the intuitive software solutions needed for a project of this caliber.”

About Teamwork Retail

Teamwork Retail was founded in 2006 by Michael Mauerer who had also developed Retail Pro and Quickbooks POS earlier in his career. Mauerer saw the market shifting towards cloud-based software and built a powerful team of over 50 developers to establish a commanding lead toward totally mobile retail solutions.

About ArmorActive

ArmorActive is one of the largest tablet security solution providers in the world and has worked with tens of thousands of large and small brands to help them find new and improved ways to securely utilize the iPad in their unique business environments. Their product line grows rapidly as new tablets and ways to utilize tablets are released. To find out more about ArmorActive, and their iPad specific security solutions, visit


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