Commerce Talks EP14: Jason Wilson

Commerce Talks EP14: Jason Wilson

Guest Bio

Jason Wilson | E-Commerce Business Analyst, Teamwork Commerce

The Teamwork Commerce platform is built on a natively integrated framework, this strong foundation enables Teamwork Commerce to provide efficient omnichannel experiences to retailers across industries. With the strong cloud backend, retailers are able to connect a variety of legacy systems, tools and integrations to drive more engaging retail experiences through multiple channels.

Why is ecommerce growth important for retailers? Jason Wilson at Teamwork Commerce, joins us to discuss. Jason has been a part of the Teamwork family for one year. Jason has many years of retail, order management and distribution experience that allows him to work like a consultant by looking at a client’s business and identifying ways that ecommerce models could be leveraged to drive efficiency.


Ecommerce business is a rapidly accelerating aspect of the traditional retail model. In 2020, ecommerce growth averaged 16.2%, becoming mandatory for retailers. Delivering a unique and personalized customer experience (CX) is of vital importance for both B2B ecommerce and B2C ecommerce organizations. Those that adopt an ecommerce model with the best-in-class CX will boost loyalty and ensure long-term revenue growth. Brick and mortar stores will never go away completely, but with challenges like the COVID19 pandemic limiting foot traffic, retailers will need to sell though ecommerce platforms to stay competitive. Consumers are not traveling as much, are home more, and have more disposable income to spend on digital commerce. If a retailer is doing social media and online shopping, they should utilize ecommerce platforms as well, to redirect consumers to the point of purchase.

Teamwork Commerce has ecommerce integrations that allow store-centric retailers to use their Brick and mortar stores as mini-warehouses and ship from store, as well as “Buy Online Pickup in Store” (BOPIS). Teamwork Commerce works closely with ecommerce partners, such as Big Commerce, on platform integrations. APIs are critical when building the integration. In his role, Jason in in constant communication with the client, the developers, the Project Manager and Solution Architect to ensure that the platform functions efficiently and successfully.

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