Teamwork + ShippyPro: The Brain Of Retail

Feb 10, 2021 | Blog, Partner

The Teamwork ecosystem is the brain of omnichannel retail, creating a complete visibility into the omnichannel process and enabling connection across every point for customers and staff across channels and optimizing the purchasing experience for retailers everywhere. The goal of Teamwork Commerce is to build an expanding approach to the marketplace, leveraging existing legacy solutions and combining these tools with an innovative and complete overview of the retail landscape. The cloud functionality of the system enables efficiency with integrations and a unified approach to connecting with customers.

Our recent partnership with ShippyPro is critical to taking this mission to the next level. The ShippyPro tool takes a direct approach to overcoming this challenge, integrating with some of the most important fulfillment services across the globe. With 87% of consumers starting their shopping journey from a digital device (Salesforce) it is essential that retailers can effectively provide a clean, seamless and convenient experience for customers across channels.

Driving Streamlined Operations

Real-time availability across channels is a requirement to compete with large eCommerce retailers. Customers desire the ability to instantly purchase, or identify a channel for them to purchase at their convenience. Product visibility across channels allows retailers to fulfill a sale wherever the customer wants.

Research by customer experience experts Zendesk shows that 87% of customers believe that brands need to put more effort into providing a more seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

An effective order management system is critical to simplify this process, the unique combination with the ShippyPro tool allows retailers to take this a step further. Managing the fulfillment process with simplicity and complete visibility at every point. Keeping customers aware of their status and engaged in the purchase process.

A Simple Solution For A Complex Problem

Integration of tracking pricing technology, advanced API’s and a complete architecture that works around the TW system to evolve and drive brands forward in the industry across the globe. For Teamwork adding ShippyPro into the integration architecture enables increased flexibility for retailers enabling them to easily fulfill orders and have complete control over the delivery process.
Simplicity is critical on both sides of the purchase process. Data from DHL shows that retailers that provided a faster shipping service grew on average 1.6 times faster. With 62% of employees being brand champions for companies that have a simplistic approach to the marketplace. On the consumer side 61% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand that has a simple approach.

Simplicity in the fulfillment, and purchase process is integral to the Teamwork solution. The TW & ShippyPro integration is representative of the Teamwork ecosystem as a whole, Omnichannel is a challenging ask, demanding complete synchronization into their approach to the marketplace.

Understanding The Customer

Retailers have to work harder to build relationships with customers across multiple channels. With such a wide range of visibility it is critical to have a comprehensive view of customer history and orders across channels. The Teamwork ecosystem is focused on designing a connected approach to the Omnichannel retail landscape. This connection goes more than skin deep. There has to be a significant connection between customer behavior, purchase history, order status and the retailers perspective. Cross channel fulfillment can’t be flaky, this leads to friction, and ultimately loss of customers within the purchase funnel.

Want to learn more? Watch the full ShippyPro & Teamwork Webinar:

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