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Jun 17, 2021 | Blog, Partner

Retail has increasingly become a network of collaborative platforms – each operating with connectivity to drive an engaging customer experience driven by seamless purchasing across retail channels. In-store experiences are supported by effective payment tools, integrations, and loyalty integrations. Customers expect a high level of consistency across channels allowing them to benefit from customized experiences and seamless transactions.

With the advancement of omnichannel retail solutions, retailers are able to solve a wide set of challenges derived from customer interactions. The unified commerce approach simplifies sales across all channels, enabling flexibility in purchasing and control of a self driven customer experience. Customers are recognized in store, online, and able to access loyalty benefits, rewards, and benefits at all sales locations.

Contactless Payments Are Accelerating

62% of contactless card holders were already using it for tap to pay purchases at the start of 2020, but it is important to realize that touch-free payments will be a critical element of the unified commerce experience. With integrated payments in membership applications, or contactless cards, checkout flows can be effectively managed to create targeted commerce experiences centered on seamless, easy-to-use payment experiences.

The customer experience has to be at the center of the purchase experience, and payments plays a large part in speeding up the checkout experience and removing downtime in the store experience. With mobile POS solutions, retailers can directly take payments from customers as they try products or generally anywhere else in the store. Online retailers need to design targeted retail experiences with payment simplicity at the center. Through Adyen, customers are able to easily leverage seamless payment experiences designed around ease of use.

Seamless Payment Processing

Most payments service providers are not easily alterable. A specific payment processor with assigned hardware and associated integrations can take time to effectively develop and implement. Additionally, the further pressure of eCommerce and application payment opportunity drives up the complexity in developing a considered approach to payment management. With a channel-agnostic, connected payment platform retailers can benefit from a seamless reconciliation and settlement process, reducing the burden for other teams and creating a single source for payments and transaction data.

With a seamless approach to payments, retailers can benefit from an agile approach, enabling the ability to quickly transition around current challenges in the marketplace. A great example of this has been the Coronavirus crisis driving many retailers to create targeted eCommerce experiences directly enabled by an integrated approach to payments across retail channels. With an additional connection to a wide reaching Customer Relationship Management Platform or the opportunity to leverage customer behavior, interactions and communications across channels.

Expanding Sales Channels

Over-the-phone orders can be problematic. In addition to the introduction of EMV technology, CNP fraud represents a $6.4 Billion dollar loss for U.S businesses. However, Adyen’s Pay by Link technology enables a targeted, customized, and secure link that can be sent directly to a customer. This provides a greater level of sales channel opportunity, customers can be easily connected and through this tool, retailers can access greater flexibility in reaching customers everywhere.

Customers will likely still be uncertain about large in-person shopping experiences, especially directly interacting with store associates or spending a significant amount of time around other people in retail stores. Retailers are already using platforms like Facetime, Zoom, andSkype to communicate with customers, providing more engaged retail experiences. Through these types of retail experiences retailers are able to provide contingent and targeted customer experiences with payment directly from Facetime, Zoom, or text.

Enabling Frictionless Commerce

Recent statistics from 451 Research show that contactless payment technology is becoming more prevalent as part of the retail experience. 46% of consumers agree that skipping the line and paying directly with a sales assistant’s mPOS terminal would increase their likelihood of completing a purchase. This is why we see a close to 20% increase in the mPOS segment through 2024. Retailers are rapidly adopting mobile payment solutions to drive more engaging customer experiences, centered around the core offering of the store or retail space.

When a customer is trying on shoes or an outfit, retailers can take advantage of staff members assisting the customer, with a mobile POS tool retailers can source any additional items and variants, take the transaction right there, or order the product for fulfillment at a later point. This enables a seamless experience for the customer:

Browse – Try – By

No dead time, no friction and no lost sales. The unique collaboration of Teamwork Commerce & Adyen can enable this level of seamlessness at the point of sale. Learn more:

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