Teamwork Commerce Helps Fao Schwarz “Return To Wonder” In Nyc with Apple Devices

Oct 28, 2020 | Blog, Partner

The renowned experience in its new location at Rockefeller Plaza was conceptualized by FAO Schwarz to be fully interactive, rooted in both nostalgia and forward-thinking applications. The new store embraces modern mobile technology from Apple and Teamwork Retail to create an interactive experience for customers, and to empower and enable associates.

When building out the new experience, the team had several requirements:

  • Powerful, reliable devices that can serve customers anywhere in the store
  • Instantly familiar user interface so guests can easily create their dream toys
  • Devices that are secure and always up-to-date
  • A robust and easy-to-use development platform to enable FAO Schwarz to create their own apps for distinct shopping experiences like RC Raceway and Baby Doll Adoption
  • A robust retail solution that could easily be managed
    Devices that retain their usefulness and value over time

For all these reasons, FAO Schwarz chose Apple as the best fit for its business. Throughout the store, guests and Team members interact with iPad and iPhone to power experiences like the RC Raceway, where guests design their own race car using iPad and build it with mechanics onsite. In the Baby Doll Adoption experience, nurses and doctors interview potential new parents using an iPad on a clipboard. To speed guests through checkout, team members are on hand throughout the store with iPhone and iPad, allowing customers to pay instantly and securely with Apple Pay. Apple TV 4K displays product videos throughout the store, and there is a Mac mini behind the scenes serving media content server and as security access control.

FAO Schwarz offers customers mobile checkout and powers its other store operations on iOS cloud commerce provider, Teamwork Retail. Teamwork’s mission for over a decade has been to remove the friction from retail, and we recognized the need to help retailers constantly evolve. In response, Teamwork built an agile platform exclusively on iOS — because Apple makes the best products and ground-breaking features, providing immense value in the retail enterprise.

Michael Mauerer, CEO of Teamwork Retail said “Apple provides the quintessential mobile platform for Teamwork to achieve its mission of frictionless commerce. We are extremely excited and proud to be an Apple mobility partner, and most of all to help our customers, like FAO Schwarz, achieve retail perfection.”

The most engaging and successful retailers today stay close with their customer, strive to remain engaging and interesting, and to keep the shopper feeling valued and coming back. This is where Teamwork Retail comes in. With our solution, retailers are able to accomplish seamless, engaging commerce that is ready to evolve with changing trends.

The key to successful brick and mortar stores today is delighting customers and staying current with the technology landscape. A store is the perfect place to focus completely on and entertain the customer so they can enjoy themselves. It’s a place for a brand to make an impression that keeps customers coming back and wanting more.

FAO Schwarz has made this a priority and its triumphant return, with their magnificent customer experience, is a showcase for the evolution of retail.

For more information about FAO Schwarz and Teamwork Retail, please contact Amber Hovious at

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