Moose Knuckles Canada Furthers their Omnichannel Presence with Teamwork Commerce

Nov 2, 2021Case Study

Moose Knuckles Canada, known for their stylish take on functional outerwear, sportswear, and accessories, has signed with Teamwork Commerce to officially implement the omnichannel retail solution. The implementation of Teamwork’s mobile Point Of Sale and Order Management System will go into effect in all Moose Knuckles locations across North America, Europe, and Asia.

With Teamwork Commerce, Moose Knuckles Canada will further their omnichannel presence in the coming months by offering customers endless fulfillment options. These will include: Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store; Buy Online, Ship from Store; Buy Online, Return In-Store; and Buy In-Store, Ship from Warehouse.

Teamwork’s powerful CRM is at the center of all the action, robustly managing all customer behavior and transactions seamlessly. Leveraging their RFID technology, Teamwork will enable Moose Knuckles to track all back of house inventory movements, saving time, and providing the highest standard of inventory accuracy.

In conjunction with Teamwork Commerce, Moose Knuckles is utilizing payment platform Adyen, to provide superior unified commerce journeys on any sales channel. With Adyen, card information is immediately verified, and an authorization ID is stored within Teamwork, enabling easy voids & refunds across all channels and finalized sales are synced with Teamwork Cloud Headquarters.

Alex Rhodes, Canada Country Manager of Adyen, had this to say about Teamwork’s implementation: “Together with Teamwork Commerce, we’re helping Moose Knuckles deliver the next generation of retail with a single view of customers, data, and inventory and consistent operations and payment experiences across channels and markets. That’s the power of a unified approach: Everything you need, all in one place.”

Teamwork Commerce is a cloud-based, mobile retail technology solution focused on creating a platform that is tailored to the retailer’s needs. As a top partner of Apple, Teamwork Commerce is constantly evolving to bring retail to the customer; whether that’s in-store, on a computer, or on their phones. Teamwork offers an enterprise-level platform with a light technological footprint. Top retailers in the world use Teamwork Commerce to create a customer-centric omnichannel experience, boost sales, and achieve frictionless commerce.

“We have been searching for a solution that supports our international growth, allowing us to manage our business in a consistent and simplified way in all markets, all while enabling an enhanced omnichannel customer journey.”

Andrea Elliot, EVP of Direct to Consumer

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