Mobile Becoming Bigger Slice of Retail Pie

Sep 26, 2014 | Blog

Certain marketplaces appear to be the industry drivers behind the use of mobile technology for online purchases. The report said mobile sales accounted for 44.4 percent of payments during Q1, while the United States increased its penetration rate by almost 5 percent in the last six months to reach 26.7 percent.

“Tablets may well be approaching market saturation but thanks to retailers and businesses focusing on optimizing the payment process for the channel, they are attracting increasing spend as consumers become more comfortable using these devices to pay for things online,” said Adyen Chief Commercial Officer Roelant Prins.

With consumers glued to their tablets and smartphones throughout the day, retailers should look at ways to offer more seamless shopping experiences through these devices. A cloud-based mobile retail POS system enables businesses to avoid higher costs – both upfront expenditures and management spending – associated with maintaining PC solutions and local area networks.

Companies can mount iPad POS systems throughout their stores, utilizing space once reserved for larger PCs to maximize shelf real estate. Sales representatives walking around with these devices in hand can provide one-on-one consumer interactions, completing sales with integrated barcode scanners and card readers.

Retailers that have only viewed mobile technology from a consumer point of view should consider the benefits of incorporating devices such as tablets directly into their stores. In many respects, the use of these solutions in the industry is just getting started.

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