Keeping Customers Safe: How Spacepole Can Keep Customers & Staff Safe At The Point Of Sale

Jul 15, 2020 | Blog, Partner

Protecting Retail Staff

It is no secret that retail staff are at a very high risk of exposure to COVID-19. High volume retail environments where there are many touch-points, interactions and points of communication present a key issue for retailers. Retail locations cannot always enforce social distancing whether this is due to small retail stores or negligence on the part of customers; workers are increasingly at risk of contracting the virus. This additional risk presents problems for retailers, how can stores stay open if staff are sick, or customers are in danger?

The Key: Engineering safety controls. From safe work practices, PPE and physical barriers, retailers can create a landscape where customers & staff are protected during the shopping experience. SpacePole has created a range of tools that can be added to the point of sale in order to protect staff and consumers.

The Safeguard Screen

The SpacePole screen is a low cost and simple to install acrylic screen that creates a clear safety barrier for everyone at the point of sale. Providing social distancing and protecting store staff. Safe & contactless checkout has grown by 9% in the past 6 weeks with 74% of consumers noting this as their continued preference for the long term. A safety screen adds a key layer of protection at the point of sale, creating distance between the customer and retail staff, allowing a semi-normal store experience that is centered around safety and efficiency.

The Payment Paddle

Customers are comfortable with curbside pickup, this is not a new offering. But, it is one that has exploded in recent months. Curbside pickup & payment allows for increased flexibility and helps to minimize the risk of transmission during the payment experience. The payment paddle is designed to enable safe and speedy payment at the point of sale. A payment terminal is attached to the arm, giving retail staff 600MM of distance to ensure secure payments where only the customer has to touch the payment terminal. This helps to remove the fear that many customers have around handing cards over to retail staff and removes danger on the side of staff.

Prioritizing Hygiene

Prevention is always better than treatment, frequently disinfecting payment terminals is a new necessity. But, what about in between cleaning? Customers are constant, certainly at peak times it can be tough to keep the terminal clean. Adding hand sanitizer at the point of sale is a simple and effective method of reducing spread at a high touchpoint area of the retail location. Many retailers are already zip-tying and duct-taping hand sanitizer to the mount… the hand sanitizer dispenser can be easily attached to existing mounting systems. Enabling a visually clean, and practically convenient hygiene tool.

Teamwork Commerce + Spacepole: A Safe & Efficient Customer ExperienceKeep Customers Safe and engaged with Teamwork + Spacepole. With all of the tools retailers need to support and drive revenue in store Spacepole can help retailers during this pandemic and beyond with a variety of POS tools, mounts and hardware designed to enable a safe, efficient and engaging customer experience. Learn more:

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