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Sep 16, 2020 | Blog, Partner

Here are some of the reasons we partner with Socket Mobile:

Socket Mobile’s goal is to provide customers the convenience and performance in a barcode scanner that other data capture manufacturers don’t offer. With certification for an ergonomic design, colorful signature, antimicrobial materials, as well as worldwide leading reputation in Bluetooth, Socket Mobile puts its best foot forward when it comes to its products. Socket Mobile has 25 years of a sound status in mobile scanning, and is continuously pushing for improvement.

Introducing, the SocketScan series of Bluetooth barcode scanners – standing out in a crowd, not only because their color options (blue, green, red, yellow and white), but because of user-friendly attributes and diverse capabilities. Users can work longer hours with comfortable ergonomics and a long-lasting battery. SocketScan was built for a versatile world with 1D, 2D and laser scanning options. It was built with user-friendly icons and notifications to make the user’s job easier. Socket Mobile’s data capture devices were built to work for the user.

Socket Mobile continues to provide compatible, reliable, customizable, data capture products designed for people. Socket Mobile works hard, so users don’t have to.

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