4 Successful Trends To Engage With Consumers

Jul 1, 2021 | Blog

Consumers are changing their behavior as social trends evolve around the world. Nowadays, choosing a product goes beyond price or quality. One factor that customers take into account now while comparing companies are the values ​​that influence their products and services. So, what will the social strategies of retail be in 2021?

What do these changes mean for companies?

These are 4 trends that redefine the future of the retail industry and how they will influence consumer behavior in their purchasing decisions.


1. Inclusive and Authentic Brands

Social inclusion has become an essential value for consumers concerned about a more equal world. Many brands are incorporating social and gender diversity initiatives, as well as social justice premises in their strategies. Experts say brands need to think long-term to see what behaviors are truly authentic when it comes to communicating with and honestly connecting with audiences. Being authentic means embracing those values ​​throughout the whole brand experience and not just hanging on to a trend to stay up to date. Customers will identify with those who naturally embrace these values. 

2. Ethical and Local Consumerism

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic and the climatic emergency lead more and more consumers to support their purchases in local stores and in national products. Likewise, the local establishments are little by little gaining more ground. Fast-fashion stores have to create new strategies on environmental care and ethical product manufacturing, focal points for consumers. H&M, for example, is incorporating sustainable fashion into its clothing. At least 50% of each piece is made from sustainable materials, like organic cotton or recycled polyester. winning customer service.

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3. Wellness Retail

While health remains a focus for consumers, many brands are incorporating wellness into their own businesses. An emerging middle-class of young and aging shoppers alike recognize the prevalence of chronic diseases and continue to drive demand. Also, consumer preferences for natural offerings and healthy-lifestyle options have increased. Petco recently announced its transformation into a health and wellness brand and is now developing an ad campaign to promote the new approach. Pet adoption grew greatly during the pandemic and will continue to be a trend for years to come.

4. Customer Centric Vision

Brands that will triumph in this crisis are those that integrate technology as a means to obtain in-depth knowledge of the customer in real time. Due to the information obtained through digital sources, retailers can now anticipate the buying behavior of consumers in order to offer the right product, at the right time, to a specific type of consumer, with the aim of increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction. Consumers appreciate that brands know their preferences in advance so that they can personalize their purchases. This is why companies must have the technology to incorporate an omnichannel strategy in all their POS.

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