Royal Pets Simplifies Their Store Operations

Jul 1, 2021Case Study

Royal Pets Market & Resort is a chain of dog and cat supply stores that offers full veterinary hospital and surgical centers as well as a doggy daycare, play facilities, and pet hotels. When they needed a system that was capable of running everything across the expansive operations in each of their 8,000 square-foot locations, they turned to Teamwork Commerce.

“We chose Teamwork because it’s iOS-based and more intuitive,” says Jason Chase, Operations Manager at Royal Pets. “In addition, it’s a multi-app and multi-store platform that can manage several different aspects of our business.”

Royal Pets finds that setup is quick and easy because iPads can be configured at the central office and then brought to the location and quickly synced up with the whole system. Royal Pets makes good use of the entire suite of Teamwork apps and Cloud HQ, which controls each app and tracks orders and inventory.

The POS app is used to access customer data make sales, while Drawer Memo tracks cash and other transactions. In addition to sales of retail stock, POS supports payments for services in the veterinary hospital and boarding and daycare facilities while the Scheduler provides real-time scheduling for appointments and boarding.

When a customer goes to check out, he or she can provide a name, phone number or email address to access Royal Pets’ rewards program. Customers see the Shopper Display app facing them on a second iPad. This app shows not only their current transactions, but in-store advertisements for specials of the veterinary and boarding services.

“It’s a great opportunity to shout out our services, which is something not every customer who comes in to buy a bag of food would hear about without Shopper Display,” Chase says. The centralized nature of the system saves time training employees.

“Since everything is managed in the store through Teamwork, if you learn to use one app you can easily learn all the other apps,” Chase says. “These are apps that work well together and as we add more stores and as we grow and become more innovative, Teamwork is something that can grow with us.”

Royal Pets is beginning to set up the automatic order management and replenishment features in CHQ as well as the Stock Count app, which allows counting and managing of stock by section. “It’s really going to take us to the next level in terms of reducing costs of goods sold and making sure our inventory levels are where they need to be for our customers,” Chase says.

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