MLB All-Star Host 2021, Colorado Rockies, Elevate Omnichannel Experience For Fans

Oct 27, 2021 | Case Study

The Colorado Rockies, Major League Baseball team based in Denver, Colorado, implemented Teamwork in 2020 and went live in April during the baseball season. The Rockies have around 50
mobile point of sale (POS) stations, most of them at Coors Field and the rest in their five stores in the surrounding Denver area.

Teamwork Commerce provides efficient omnichannel experiences to Rockies’ fans across their stores. Fans can return a purchased item at any location throughout to stadium or greater Denver area. Teamwork’s strong cloud backend enables the Colorado Rockies to connect a variety of integrations to drive more engaging experiences.

The integration with Givex is a powerful integration for them as well. It was a must-have feature when they were looking for their mobile point of sale partner. With Coors Field now cashless, fans can take their cash and convert it into a gift card, giving them the ability to come back and use it in Rockies stores. The Givex integration also supports the Rockies’ season ticket loyalty program.

One of the biggest game-changers for the Rockies is Apple iOS technology and native Teamwork apps that are running on the iPads in store. The Rockies have taken full advantage of the mobility and flexibility that the iPads provide. If a game has higher attendance than expected, it is easy to take an iPad, download the apps and grab a printer and scanner to quickly set up a register.

This year, the Rockies faced a unique challenge when the MLB All Star Week was relocated to them 13 weeks before the events were to begin. Typically, teams have around two years to prepare for this game which presented some unique challenges for the Rockies retail operation.

Teamwork’s flexibility gave us the ability to quickly take an iPad, download the apps, and you have a point of sale,” said Aaron Heinrich, Senior Director of Retail Operations for the Colorado Rockies. “We were able to easily go from 12 to 25 point of sales in our main store.”

The Rockies use Teamwork’s Dashboard app which enables them to see a live view of sales and other analytics of their choosing.

“I’m a little addicted to dashboard. To have that feature on my phone, be able to see the live sales and what trends are in the ballpark has really stepped up our game. We can spot problems that we’ve missed in the past and that’s a huge opportunity for us to get better.” said Heinrich. “That’s what we were looking for and that’s what Teamwork offers to us.

– Aaron Heinrich, Senior Director of Retail Operations for the Colorado Rockies.

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