FAO Schwarz Reopens with the Help of Cutting Edge Retail Technology

Jul 1, 2021 | Case Study

The iconic FAO Schwarz toy store opened its new flagship Rockefeller Center store in 2018 with the support of Teamwork Commerce and their integration partners that made its new retail sale ecosystem possible.

With its well-known toy soldiers and piano you can walk on in place, the new store captures the imagination of children and adults. It moves beyond retail into a full experience for many people.

“We are about experiences. That’s what’s different from other toy stores,” David Niggli, FAO’s Chief Merchandising Officer, says.

Teamwork’s iPad-based mobile point-of-sale (POS) system and Cloud HQ backend form the main interface for associate checkout in the store.Mobile POS supports a quick and easy checkout system for the large crowds they see. But Teamwork’s real power is inside the system, where it seamlessly integrates with services and products provided by others. Teamwork’s many features have allowed FAO to customize their technology to be as creative and outside of the box as their store is.

“Technology should be invisible,” Mauerer says. “It should be very powerful, but in the background, empowering the message, the vision, and the experience for the consumer. We’re proud to provide the foundational technology that it all sits on. When someone engages with a retailer like FAO they can encounter an experience that’s brand new. Today’s customer is king and queen – or in the case of FAO Schwarz, prince and princess.”

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